Uncovering the History of Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery in Gwent, UK


Gwent, a historic county in South Wales, is home to numerous intriguing sites that reflect the region’s rich history. One such place is the Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery, a unique and hauntingly beautiful burial ground that tells the story of a devastating epidemic that struck the area in the 19th century. In this blog post, we will delve into the history and significance of this cemetery, shedding light on a dark chapter in Gwent’s past.


The Cholera Epidemic

To understand the significance of Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery, we must first explore the cholera epidemic that swept across the United Kingdom in the 19th century. Cholera, a highly contagious and deadly disease, spread rapidly through contaminated water sources, causing severe dehydration and often leading to death within hours. Gwent was no exception to this catastrophe.


The Establishment of Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery

As the cholera epidemic raged on, the need for additional burial grounds became evident. Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery was established in the mid-19th century to meet this demand. Located near Tredegar, in the heart of Gwent, the cemetery served as the final resting place for the victims of this devastating disease.


A Place of Remembrance

Today, Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery stands as a poignant reminder of the lives lost during the cholera epidemic. The cemetery’s serene and peaceful atmosphere offers visitors a chance to reflect on the tragedy that unfolded in Gwent over a century ago. The tombstones, weathered by time, tell the stories of those who succumbed to the disease and serve as a testament to their existence.


Architectural Significance

Beyond its historical significance, Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery also holds architectural value. The tombstones and memorials found within the cemetery display a range of styles that were prevalent during the Victorian era. From simple crosses to elaborate sculptures, these structures provide a glimpse into the artistic and cultural influences of the time.


Preserving History

In recent years, efforts have been made to preserve and maintain Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery. Local organisations, historical societies, and volunteers have joined forces to ensure that this important piece of Gwent’s history is safeguarded for future generations. Through conservation and restoration projects, the cemetery continues to serve as a place of remembrance and education.


Visiting Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery

For those interested in exploring Gwent’s history and paying homage to the victims of the cholera epidemic, a visit to Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery is highly recommended. The cemetery is open to the public, allowing visitors to wander among the tombstones and soak in the tranquil atmosphere. Guided tours and informative displays provide valuable insight into the cemetery’s history and the impact of the cholera epidemic on the local community.



Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery stands as a sombre reminder of the devastating cholera epidemic that ravaged Gwent in the 19th century. This historic burial ground not only serves as a place of remembrance but also offers a glimpse into the architectural and cultural influences of the Victorian era. Through preservation efforts and public access, the cemetery continues to honour the lives lost and educate visitors about the impact of this tragic chapter in Gwent’s past. A visit to Cefn Golau Cholera Cemetery is a poignant and educational experience that should not be missed.